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Timo Fust Photography

Actually, I studied architecture. I am not entirely unhappy about this decision. Nevertheless, my heart belongs to photography through and through. However, one does not exclude the other. To be honest, I would even dare to say that my studies have shown me how to take photographs. And for this reason, I am simply pursuing both. 

I am Timo, an artistic image creator in the field of photography who tells visual stories in his own world. Currently, I navigate as a freelance photo artist and have deepened my expertise in architecture, reportage and portrait photography. What makes my work so exciting is the symbiosis of diversity. On the one hand, I encounter fascinating personalities during my photo sessions that fuel my creative impulses. On the other hand, I find the canvas for my visual musings in the quiet solitude of architectural documentation. This captivating combination of social connection and introspective creativity gives my work its own unique aura.


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